Extra hands for the international market

Practical support in entering a new market or developing your already existing business internationally

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We help you to succeed in international markets.

When you are in need of developing your readiness for international sales, starting sales in completely new market, finding partners or customers from the chosen market area or help in trade business, we tailor a solution for your needs.

Develop your product or service, knowledge of target market or common internationalization skills. We tailor practical developing operations for your company’s growth needs from the perspective of international sales.
Market and competitive situation, price structure and customer segments among other things form a basis for export decision making. But you can’t rely purely on data – here’s how we help you take fully advantage of it.
Find the most potential and relevant customers and partners quickly. We set up meetings with target companies and aim for the rapid sales. How does this happen?
Do you need help with practical export tasks, such as negotiations or travelling and meeting arrangements? Do you want to outsource your international sales or establish a subsidiary? Are you in need of recruiting support for the key personnel? This is how we give practical support for international trade.

More cost-effective by reducing the cost of a Hired export salesman to a quarter.

Helping hands

The company allows the focus on the core business while working on entering a new market.


Tuomme yrityksesi käyttöön kohdemarkkinatuntemuksen ja kansainvälistymisosaamisen yli 400 projektin


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"Suosittelen Export Makerin tukipalveluita kaikille vientitoimintaa harkitseville yrityksille."


⁠— TH Tarmatic Oy


"Yritystemme kansainvälistymiseen keskityttiin huomioiden koko kv-polku ja yksilölliset tarpeet."


⁠— Linnan Kehitys Oy


"Olisin ollut ihan hukassa, jos tällaista yhteistyökumppania ei olisi ollut."


⁠— Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy Jyväskylä


Localization in Russia

In 2017, the export value of goods European Union took to Russia was 82bn dollars. Thus, there is a big amount of European companies operating

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