Grow your business in target market

Export Maker Ltd. provides its advisory services for international businesses planning a market entry to target countries. The companies may review a direct entry into the target markets or use Finland as a gateway.

Below you can find some examples of Export Maker Ltd.’s services.

Market Research and Growth Strategy

Implies comprehensive and understandable image of the market potential, including competitor / price analysis, alternative operating models (with SWOT), sales and marketing techniques with short and medium-term measure recommendations and cost estimates.


Involves customer segmentation, sales meetings set-up and participation (if needed),  product presentation (on F2F meeting and/or seminar), preparation and support of market acceleration, business models, marketing, PR activities, exhibition/fair assistance, etc.

Partner Search and Evaluation

Includes potential partners, subcontractors, distributors/agents, support in specific market features, etc.


Concrete guidance at initial stage of company registration, accounting set-up, taxation and other procedures according local legal requirements (together with partner).

Management and staff recruitment support


Partner search for outsourcing various processes

Mentors/board members for certain companies