What we offer

Export Maker has a trustworthy reputation for assisting companies abilities to expand and develop their businesses in various geographical regions. Our biggest clients’ cases focused on Eastern Europe (Russia, CIS, Baltic region), Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden), Middle East market, Central and Southern Europe and China, all in which we have extensive business networking and expertise.

Our professionals also serve as external members in client-companies’ board of directors, provide management trainings and “sparring” for the executives.

Export Maker operates as Finpro’s official partner in Russia. We also work in cooperation with Finnpartnership, which assists companies in applying and receiving financial support for long-term projects in developing countries.

Who we are

Export Maker team consists of professionals who have resided, studied and operated businesses internationally. Diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise and networking enable our team to support potential clients in nearly all business developments and start-ups in challenging business environments. We have been personally involved in founding and building new companies, and were engaged in day to day business operations.

What makes us different

Export Maker offers on-going expert support, monitoring and reporting throughout the entire project duration. We don’t just advise our clients: we go above and beyond by assisting in daily operations, when needed. We provide clarified reports throughout project phase and its final results with concrete recommendations for actions and future steps to be taken together.


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